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Ruth Yarrow alrededor de 3 años ago
Buena Suerte!
adriana alrededor de 3 años ago
Buen trabajo ninos de THOMAS EDISON! sigamos trabajando para tener mas libros.
Martha V alrededor de 3 años ago
Muy bien por la campana. Felicidades al profesorado que ensena espanol en Gulstream Elementary School .Para VOTAR solo haz click l final de la pagina despues de los comentarios.
charmayne alrededor de 3 años ago
This video is fantastic! The kids are speaking spanish very well. I am proud of all the work and effort the teachers have put into this wonderful school.
Lill alrededor de 3 años ago
Go MIDS!!!
jonathanguizar alrededor de 3 años ago
me gusta la de ms.santana wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jonathanguizar alrededor de 3 años ago
como puedo votar???????????
Sandra alrededor de 3 años ago
the letter was faatucl and all the facts can be substantiated with documentation that is public record.I disagree that the Principals do not have a contract. If Mr. Gaida did not have some binding agreement of his employment, they would not have paid him salary and benefits as part of his separation agreement which by the way is another contract.Second – You can choose who you want to vote for. If you want four more years of tax increases and wasted tax dollars being spent, then by all means vote for Murtha, Weischedel, Zarnich. Since Mr. Singleton is being endorsed by them and included in that group you can bet ya he will vote their way. Or you can choose to vote for any of the other six candidates. The newsletter informed voters of how their tax dollars were wasted and who was responsible for wasting their money.Third – the school address is a public address. It is used by the organizations such as PTA, the unions, the coaches, the cheerleader organization, the staff, the Superintendent, the Principals, and yes even the board members. Besides, if anyone used their own address on the return envelop of the newsletter, everyone knows that CAW would place a target on their back as well as pick on their kids. More importantly is the content of the newsletter which states true facts.I agree stuffing church bulletins wasn’t professional. But hay their actions speak volumes. Finally, voters have a choice. You must choose five. More of the same, then vote for Murtha, Weischedel, Zarnich and Singleton. Change the board, then vote for Bauer, Acon, Ziegler, Brant, Bailey or Long.Well-loved.
Mrs. Vela alrededor de 3 años ago
No podemos votar por nuestro video de Dickinson ISD, el formato de ustedes no lo permite, favor de correjirlo, garcias, Mrs. Vela
Mrs. James alrededor de 3 años ago
Go Bijou!! Great job, Ms. Houser's class!!!