STEM Careers - Engineering

Fields in: Aero, Auto, Mechanical, Architecture, Construction, and Education


Aerospace Engineer- Designs aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles

Architect- Plans and designs buildings and other structures

Audio Engineer- Sets up, operates, and maintains the electrical equipment for radio and television broadcasts, concerts, sound recordings, and movies

Automotive Designer- Designs the look and feel of cars and other motor vehicles Automotive Service Technician- Inspects, maintains, and repairs cars and light trucks

Chemical Engineer- Uses chemistry and engineering to solve problems related to pollution, manufacturing, energy, food production and more

Construction and Building Inspector- Ensures that new construction, changes, or repairs comply with local and national building codes

Electrical Engineer- Designs, develops, tests, and supervises the manufacturing of electrical equipment

Electrician- Installs and maintains electrical systems in homes, businesses and factories

General Contractor- Oversees every component of a building or house construction job

High School STEM Teacher- Prepares students for life after graduation through science instruction

Industrial Designer- Uses design and engineering skills to create new or improved products for everyday use

Materials Engineer- Figures out what types of materials will work best in different products, and develops new or improved materials

Mathematician- Analyzes complex data and works with numbers to answer questions and solve problems

Mechanical Engineer- Researches, designs, develops, builds, and tests mechanical devices, including tools, engines and machines

Nanosystems Engineer- Designs, develops and characterizes materials and devices on the nanoscale

Nuclear Engineer- Researches and develops the technology used in producing nuclear energy

Physicist- Studies the fundamental nature of the universe

Production Engineer- Ensures that manufactured products are made at the proper speed and quality level

Safety Engineer- Develops procedures and designs systems to keep people safe in a working environment

Structural Engineer- Designs and supervises large construction projects

Surveyor- Measures and establishes boundaries for land, air space and water